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The threat of cyber-related attacks and crimes against individuals and businesses is rapidly growing. These attacks result in massive losses to people across the world. In an attempt to ward off cyber attackers, people and businesses are increasingly becoming aware of cybersecurity measures and are bolstering their security. But, with the number of options available in the present world, it becomes difficult for people and companies to decide which security measures and brands to opt for. Norton offers a variety of security products at

Downloading Norton

Norton offers several robust security programs. If you have bought a Norton program to protect your device, then follow these steps for downloading its setup:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in by entering the email address and password associated with your Norton account.
  3. Click on the Sign in button.
  4. Users, who have to sign up, need to go to Create account and then fill-up all the details.
  5. Now, you will be greeted by the Get Started page.
  6. Hit the Download Norton button.
  7. In the following screen, click on Agree and Download.
  8. In order to download more than one Norton item that is added in your account, just select the item/s and hit the Next option.
  9. In case the item you wish to download cannot be found in the list, then select the Load More option.
  10. For installing Norton product on a different device, select the Send a Download Link option.
Installing Norton

When the setup gets downloaded, you can install Norton on the system. Make sure that the internet speed is stable and decent. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Users on Internet Explorer of Microsoft Edge browsing program need to hit Run.
  2. Users on Mozilla Firefox or Internet Safari need to click on the upper right-hand edge of the screen and select the Download option to see all the downloaded items. Click twice on the Norton setup file.
  3. Google Chrome users have to navigate to the lower left-hand edge of the screen and click twice on the downloaded Norton setup.
  4. When the User Account Control prompt shows up, hit continue.
  5. Follow the guidelines on the screen.
  6. Allow the Norton product to get installed.
Activating Norton

In order to verify the authenticity of your Norton product, you need to enter a unique product key. Here’s how you can activate your Norton antivirus program:

  1. Double-click on Norton.
  2. In the user interface, select the Help option.
  3. Now, the Help Center screen will open.
  4. Navigate to Account Information and select Enter Product Key.
  5. Input the 25 characters alphanumeric product key.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. The activation key can be found in the Norton account. It can also be found in the product order email or the installation disk or retail card.
  8. Follow the guidelines on the screen.
  9. Go through the subscription information.
  10. When satisfied, hit the Done button.
Transferring Norton license to a different device

In case the Norton software is set up on a system that is not used anymore, then the Norton item/s can easily get transferred to a different device using the Norton account.

  1. Firstly, log in to Norton at
  2. Go to the Devices screen.
  3. Navigate to the device that is not used anymore.
  4. Hit the *** option.
  5. Select Manage License.
  6. In the following screen, choose the device.
  7. Select Remove Norton.
  8. Press the Next option.
  9. When asked to confirm the action, select Yes.
  10. For installing Norton setup on another device, choose Install Now.
  11. Select the Send Link option.
  12. Hit the Next button.
  13. Follow the guidelines on the screen and install the Norton setup.

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