How to Kick Someone Out of a Discord Channel

You cannot kick someone out of a Discord channel permanently. Sometimes you have to go through this procedure because of annoying people in Discord. In this article, you will get to know how to remove someone from a Discord channel on your Windows PC, iPhone, and Android.

Steps to Kick Someone Out of a Discord Channel on your Windows PC

• You have to choose the server by going to the drop-down list given on the right-hand corner of the display.
• Choose the Discord channel from where you wish to remove the user.
• You will get the Discord channel in the pane given under the name of the server.
• Select the voice or text Discord channels.
• Now, the channel window shows the drop-down name list under it.
• The name which is showing in the drop-down list is the names of the recent users.
• Find the user name, and you need to right-click on it.
• The context menu with the many options starts showing on the screen.
• At the end of the drop-down list, you will get the “Kick (username) option.
• Press on the “Kick (username) option.
• After that, you will get any other text on the screen.
• It is a verification text of the activity you will be doing.
• Press on the Kick option again to verify.
• Now the user from the Discord channel gets successfully removed.

Steps to Kick Someone Out of a Discord Channel on your iPhone and Android

• Open the Discord application.
• Sign in by entering the details.
• Go to the menu located in the upper left-hand side of the display.
• It resembles a three horizontal bars symbol.
• It will show up the servers drop-down list.
• Press on the server which the user you want to remove from the Discord channel is available
• Find the channel on which you wish to remove the selected user.
• You will get the text channels at the upper side of the drop-down menu with the voice channels given under them.
• Go to the users’ channel list by clicking on the two-people symbol provided at the upper side of the display.
• Find and press on the user you wish to remove from the Discord channel.
• Press on the Kick option given below the “Administrative” title.
• Now, the verification window starts showing on your screen.
• Click on the Kick option again.
• The users will be removed from the Discord channel after following the steps mentioned above.
• You can also send them an invitation again when you want to.

How to move a Discord user to different channels?

• Pull the name of the users from one Discord channel to any other channel.
• You can also transfer the users from the Discord voice channel to any other Voice channel.
• You should have permission to move the users from one channel to any other channel.
• The additional method to complete this procedure is to right-click on the name of the user and choose the “Move To” option given in the context menu.
• Select a channel where you wish to transfer the user.

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