Top 4 Classic Horror Computer Games

Top 4 Classic Horror Computer Games

For the console games today, horror is apparently a mainstay. If we think about the previous time, at that time, it wasn’t possible to manage the terrifying graphics that were required for setting up a frightening and rich universe.

It was computers where the scary masterpieces got their fright. Some of the games are packed with the most frightening experience. They are probably the best and groundbreaking. Here comes the list of classic horror games:

  1. Uninvited

Perhaps it wasn’t the usual high-level terror game. Its 8-bit point and click adventure paved the way for today’s modern horror games. It was an inspiration for upcoming games such as ‘the early silent hill’ and ‘the Resident Evil series’ This game gained a lot of popularity amongst users and had an interesting storyline. this adventure cum horror game is astounding and scary. This game is full of mystery, dead spirits, and a lot of scary background music.

  1. Phantasmagoria

It was a type of horror theatre which used one or maybe more of the magic lanterns to depict frightening images like the demons, skeletons and ghosts. They were being projected on the semi-transparent screen. Robert Williams was the co-founder of Sierra Online.

He was the most excellent writer of the all-time computer games. He allowed players control over the live-action character for the first time. The content required huge space. People played it even on CD-ROMS.

  1. Alone in the Dark

It is a survival horror video game series that was developed by Infogrames initially. While in most games, the player controls private investigator Edward Carby; he was investigating a haunted mansion that was fully occupied with the undead creatures. The story has been taken from H.P. Lovecraft. If you seek some horror, play this game when you are alone.

  1. Nocturne

Although computer horror games have been continuously improving. Perfecting the adventure and point and click style gameplay. At that time, console games were disclosing off and were practicing a distinct path.

It emerged from of Japan. It is one of the primary system horror games that adopted the particular approach. You are undertaken to save the world of the tedious intimidation of the monstrosity aggression. You are a mysterious agent who is a secret government division. It was commenced by Teddy Roosevelt.

If you want to play scary games, then pick one from the list and enjoy the gaming experience.

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